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    Banking Reporting and Business Management Analysis

In view of present commercial bank reporting management needs, and in consideration of the future influence of information technology development on the financial industry, we designed a Bank Reporting and Business Management Analysis system. This system implements data centralized management and arbitrary data reporting without affecting legacy business applications. It also provides the entire multi-level integration, analysis, and predictions based on target information. The detailed application system features are dynamically managed by the system’s self-defined module. The system can be adjusted to meet various business reporting and business analysis management systems.

  • Definitions
    • Data Collection
    • Target
    • Data Report
    • Predict Index Management
    • Department and Human Resource Management
  • Data Collection
    • Data Collection Setup
    • Basic Data Reporting/Receiving
    • Common Information Downloading and Receiving
    • Data Transfer/Import
    • Manual Data Entry
  • Data Processing
    • Data Search (Print)
    • Data Comparison
    • Data Integration
    • Data Analysis
    • Predict Process/Risk Assessment
  • Decision Making System
    • Loan Structure Analysis
    • Bad Loan Structure Analysis
    • Creditors/Debtors Analysis
    • Creditors/Debtors Corporations’ Accounting Analysis
    • Credit Risk Analysis
    • Loan Bail Structure Analysis
    • Surety Structure Analysis
    • Interest Collection Analysis
    • Credit Service Structure Analysis
    • Basic Financial Analysis
    • Loan Plan Analysis
  • System Maintenance
    • Operation Diary Management
    • System Parameter Setting
    • Public Print Services
    • Online Help
  • Entire Management Data Sharing
  • Reporting Based on Various Business Data Collection
  • Unified Data Architecture
  • Works on Various Application Platforms with High Compatibility
  • Multi-Dimensions Data Analysis and Report
  • Maximum Customer Investment Protection
  • Highly Extendable Security
  • User Friendly
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