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Message from Documentum Centre of Excellence:

Realize the true potential Documentum can offer with DoubleBridge Technologies' industry leading Documentum-based services and solutions. Our experienced Documentum developers possess the in-depth product knowledge to take full advantage of Documentum's industry-wide usability and versatility for optimal yield implementation.

Our Documentum Center of Excellence (COE) is the primary driver responsible for our continued success in supporting, developing, and implementing these solutions. DoubleBridge initiated a Documentum Center of Excellence (COE) for effective implementation, enhanced user experience, and optimized business solutions. For the past ten years, we have engaged in the implementation and customization of Documentum-based solutions. During this time, we have developed a unique methodology to understand the nuances of client requirements and are able to match them up with the best possible solution. These solutions allow teams of employees, vendors, and partners to work together more efficiently than was ever thought possible.


  • Business planning
  • Governance
  • Document Management
  • Record Management
  • Archiving Solution Consulting
  • Application and Infrastructure Architecture
  • Global Architecture


  • Software Life Cycle Implementation and Development
  • Application (WDK) Development
  • Webtop Customization
  • Web Publisher Customization
  • Work Flow Customization
  • Documentum Foundation Services (DFS) Development


  • SLA Based Documentum Managed Service L1-4 Support
  • Application Change Management
  • Documentum Application Support and Upgrade
  • Documentum Installation, Troubleshooting and Tuning services
  • Documentum Administration
  • Documentum Update Services


  • Documentum Upgrade and Content Migration
  • Data/Documentum Migration
  • Lotus Notes to Documentum Migration
  • SharePoint Documentum Integration
  • MS Outlook Documentum Integration
  • Portal Integration


  • Validation Plan
  • User Requirement
  • Tracibility Matrix
  • Installation Qualification (IQ)
  • Operations Qualification (OQ)
  • Performance Qualification (PQ)
  • Validation Summary Report
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