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    Legacy System Upgrade and Migration

Today, as information technology grows rapidly, new technologies reduce service and maintenance costs. At the same time, however, upgrading and migrating company information systems produces such problems as high upgrade costs, high complexity, and upgrade and migration risks.

DoubleBridge Technologies provides accurate, cost-efficient and effective methods for companies to maintain their original investments. Our systematic technologies and automated tools make migrating and upgrading your original systems both technically and economically feasible for your company. We use the best skills, migration tools and methods to help your company reduce the complexity and costs of your original application programs.

Migration of software products

  • Operating systems: Windows, Solaris, Unix, Linux, iOS and Android
  • Programming languages: C, C++, JAVA, PHP and VB
  • Databases: Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sysbase and MySQL
  • Application platforms: .net framework and J2EE

Migration of enterprise application platforms

    Application program migration based on the J2EE standard, enterprise-class application platform migration based on SOA, and application program migration based on the .NET platform.

Upgrade and improvement of enterprise information systems

  • Hardware capacity expansion: capacity expansion and upgrade of hardware network devices
  • Performance upgrade: performance optimization and upgrade of software/hardware systems
  • Cloud upgrade: more and more companies develop their application software on cloud computing platforms, which requires cloud upgrade
  • Migration from C/S to B/S: much traditional Client/Server desktop software must be migrated to Browser/Server to meet the requirements of wider scope enterprise applications.
  • Comprehensive improvement solutions: various companiesíŽ existing information systems require upgrading and improvement such as software system performance upgrade, hardware network system capacity expansion, and migration from C/S to B/S. We often provide hitless upgrade and improvement solutions for these enterprise systems.
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